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Christmas Tree

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By Elizabeth Onuoha


Corporate Governance, like the Christmas tree should weather all seasons.

Imposing in its greenness and sprinkling of snow, the Christmas tree represents a rare case study in sustainability.

All through the year, to weather the four seasons, achieve mastery and attain great heights, we must rely solemnly on our F-I-E-L-D (S) – Focus, Integrity, Excellence, Loyalty, Discipline and Sustainability – at all times.

Regardless of the season which sometimes keeps us away from family, and at other times cling us to family, we must continually radiate agelessly in the way we carry out our obligations.

We must ensure Equality, Fairness, and above all, Optimism that keeps us youthful

We should strive to ensure that like the Christmas tree we remain graceful

The reason for the season is to share, love and watch others crimson as we stay cheerful

It is true that the Christmas tree stays unique because of its ability to remain green and sustainable all year

Thus, as we make merry, we must remain committed to our attestations to continually uphold our ethical responsibilities

We must bear in mind that as brand ambassadors, we will/shall hang our exemplary model at the apex of our “Christmas tree”

Taking cognizance of the fact that to remain youthful after the season, we must decorate our Christmas tree with a lot of F-A-R-T (Fairness, Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency)

Replacing it with nothing less than what is expected of us, as we adhere to the rudiments of good Governance and Individual and Corporate Responsibility, applying these principles, not only in our work places but also in our everyday life

We expect that like the Christmas tree, humble citizens and brand ambassadors of our dear Nation and businesses, will adopt the culture of good Governance, ensuring it is sustainable for future generation

“One for all, all for One”!

Season’s Greetings

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