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Women and our value system

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By Uade Ahimie

As a child growing up, the one thing I dreaded the most was when someone told me that they would tell my mum that I had gone out of line and was going in the direction of becoming an irresponsible child. I would quiver and shake not because she would discipline me accordingly, but for the fact that I was in for double trouble as she would pass the message on to my father who would also let me know that in his household, discipline was the watch word.

So over the years I came to understand the role women play in shaping the society, thus, creating a value system that ensured sustainability. In the same vein, I have witnessed how women fought for the right of equality in all spheres of life (Women’s conference in Beijing – China 1995) and the right of the girl child to proper education towards making the world a better place.

In my field as a corporate governance expert, I have learnt that organizations where women have taken up leadership roles have the ability to do much better than when only men are saddled with affairs of running such organizations. Ancient and modern history has also taught that some of the greatest leaders ever whose footprints are difficult to follow were women – Queen Amina of Zaria, Madam Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Queen Elizabeth II, Margaret Thatcher, Mary Slessor just to mention a few.

“So over the years I came to understand the role women play in shaping the society, thus, creating a value system that ensured sustainability.”

As it is today, two of the world’s largest economies are led by women – Germany and United Kingdom – and we might just be on the verge of having a woman lead the world’s largest economy – United States of America- hence, the reason for writing this article. However before I continue I will like to state categorically that I have nothing against women, neither am I a male chauvinist. I will like to appreciate my mother who guided me through life and taught me what I believe are the right values and a sister who understands that discipline can only take you to greater heights.  I am surrounded by women – a wonderful wife and two lovely daughters whom I believe would conquer the world and instill good values on their own children in future.

As such I am in utter disbelief when I see women – mothers and mothers to be – disregard the laws and rules that should help our value systems better for a more prosperous Nigeria. I see this every day in traffic where women disregard traffic rules and drive against oncoming traffic, in those who have run organizations aground just for their own pecuniary benefits, in the ones who would rather defend their children when they have been put through appropriate discipline in schools and revolt against teachers, those who would do anything to get their children into places when they do not merit. 

The list is endless. So what has happened to the popular saying that behind every successful man is an even more successful woman, who has helped shape the life of that family – husband and children – imbibing and instilling in them the values that make the system and the society at large a better place? Those who believe in the saying ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’, because as it is today, they are the ones who should not be spared the rod as their actions continually weakens the value systems of society.

For me I think our women – mothers, daughters, mothers-to-be should take a step back and ask themselves one very pertinent question – “what values am I teaching and what examples am I setting for the next generation”.

Before I get branded sexist or get lengthy rejoinders and comments about men being worse offenders, this is just drawing attention to the fact that the world needs women to shape the right narrative for us to follow. We’d be headed for destruction without this interventionist role that is the forte of women.

Finally, let me reiterate that women are the strongest links to making any society better and instilling core values that would shape the future of our country, as such they should lead, be at the fore front of chastising those who are trying to ridicule society by disregarding the laws. The fact remains the world will be chaotic and with a lot of insecurities without women. It is imperative that we all revisit our value systems to unlearn, learn and relearn. A stitch in time they say saves nine

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